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As I am also a music producer myself, I know how things works, I can tell you how can someone learn music production online for free. If you want to really go somewhere with it, you must be musical. It can’t be possible to be a Music Producer without knowing the concept of music production first.

I regularly play five different musical instruments and take regular weekly lessons in music theory just to improve my knowledge of music. Believe me, it is NOT as easy as they say it is. It has taken me a huge amount and countless hours to get to where I am, and I’m nowhere close to professional.

To get started, you will need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as fl studio, Ableton, logic prox, Cubase, etc. This allows you to arrange the audio files you have created and attach samples and effects to them. The Professional versions of each one range from $800 – $1000. For beginners with cash to burn, I recommend FL Studio Signature Bundle; it comes with tons of really good quality generators and effects.

Also, you have to learn about timing (BPM, Bars, e.t.c.) and how to make song structure in DAW. You can have amazing sound design and mix quality but if your track is offbeat then it isn’t enjoyable. A structure of a song is a huge part of Electronic music production. You can learn about structure by listening to different EDM music of different genres.

For ex, The tracks in Dubstep is structured like this: intro, build-up, chord progression or melody, build-up, drop (at around 1 min), breakdown, chord progression/melody, build-up, drop (at around 2:40) breakdown, and after the ending conclusion part is made. This is easy to learn because you can just listen to other songs and memorize structures easily.

To get improve in music production skills you need to learn Mixing, Mastering, Eqing, and Sound Design. You can easily learn these online from youtube tutorials videos, from blogs and websites. Mixing is the task of making every sound in your music track sound as clear as possible. It is done by eliminating excess high-end and low-end frequencies, and maximizing and cutting your sounds at those frequencies that you want louder, crisp or quieter.

Most music producers don’t know that the actual song is created quite quiet, from around -6 dB to -9 dB normally. After that, the music producer is happy with the song and it is finished for playing live, only after then it is mastered using various virtual software and analog hardware to make it loud and punchy. Learning Sound Design is essential to create your own sound so that people go “oh, this is [your name]’s song right?”

You also need to understand the important elements of sound design to be able to sound more professional and get noticed. Take Skrillex for awesome example, if the songs he has out were made with gritty, low-quality sounds, no one would even know of him because the sounds created by own make the artist unique.

Other than that there’s loads of software that make production a lot easier, and forums to help you out. But honestly, the #1 most important thing you need to know to become a producer is that you must pour your all efforts and love into it.

I know, it sounds cheesy, but YOU WILL NOT GET GOOD AT IT UNLESS YOU PRACTICE AND PRACTICE AND PRACTICE. I try to spend four hours a day working on a song or trying to create new sounds, making new melodies or understanding software. There is a lot of Learning content out there like tutorials, courses, presets, etc; but the best way to become a unique and better producer is to just work on it on your own skills and practice regularly.

Hope this helped!

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