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vocoder plugin

The word ” vocoder ” is derived from words like Voice and enCODER . In vocal processing, you can use different effects as any kind of vocoder VST plugin. Put a vocoder plugin in a device used to synthesize the human voice and make vocals sound inhuman and robotic.

Below are some collections of software’s that an artist should use as vocoders.

1, EVOC 20 PS by Apple

Price: $199 – included with Logic Pro X

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

best vocoder plugin

This is the polyphonic synth and vocal harmonizer plugins that comes with Logic Pro’s full excellent suite of virtual musical instruments.

The interface of vocoder plug in is easy and in a well-organized manner — once the three modes (Analysis, Synth, Vocoder) are understood and the Side Chain input is set up, you will start getting an immediate response. The Synth section (Carrier signal) can be a blend of FM modulated waveforms or two main waveforms.

Built-in modulation, onboard effects, noise generation, and a cool Freezing function (which freezes the current vocoded sound to be used as a straight-ahead synth voice) are nice features. Voiced and Unvoiced detection is also available for increased intelligibility if desired.

2. Vocal Synth 2 From iZotope

Price: $199 / Rs. 15,000 Approx.

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

vocoder voice changer

This vocal synth vst vocoder plugin by iZotope is best vocoder software and sounds amazing at first use. It is amazing and addictive, there are three main modes in Vocal synth

  • AUTO: It is used to generate sound. Insert it on an audio track and press play on it.
  • MIDI: by using this, you can control the harmonies generated with a MIDI controller.
  • SIDECHAIN: In this, you can run another synth, guitar, or other sound sources by using Vocal Synth modules.

3. MVocoder by Melda Production

Price: $57

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

vocal harmonizer plugin

The MVocoder is an amazing audio real time vocoder plugin vice that comes with an amazing 102-page manual and allows for the manipulation/modulation of every conceivable parameter. Four Modulator sections containing morphable shapes, envelopes, followers, and more. The Band matrix and Band graph sections make it a perfect software. The MVocoder is used for vocoding in great depth with powerful control and programmability at every point.

4. Vocalizer Pro by Sonivox

Price: $199 / INR 15000 (approx.)

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

best vocoder plugin

The Vocalizer Pro has a powerful vocal harmonizer plugin, amazing user interface, and provides direct access to 4 identical spectral synthesis modules with customized routing capability options. The modules include various synthesis methods, envelopes, multimode filters and LFOs. Once you understand all the modules and the effect of the various synthesis methods you are ready to roll.

5. Lector Vocoder by Waldorf

Price: $179 / 13,376 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

free vocoder plugin

The Lector vocoder plugin is a single-window powerful interface that includes four main parts:

  • Input Carrier signal manages and controls with Unvoiced direct detection for intelligibility,
  • Synthesizer (2 oscillators, filter, and amplifier sections),
  • Vocoder filter bank with modulation and analysis controls,
  • An onboard Effects section that includes chorus, delay, reverb, and overdrive.

The Waldorf sound engine is well-known and provides a powerful foundation for Vocoding in plugins

Orange Vocoder IV by Zynaptiq

Price: $189 / 14,123 INR

(Prices quoted are estimated and subject to change with time)

vocoder plugin free

The Orange best vocoder plugin IV will be the latest release by Zynaptiq but it is not released yet.

It features two sound sources which can be samples or waveforms, two modulators that be set to an envelope or dedicated pitch modulation, LFO, ring modulation, onboard reverb, graphic EQ, filter, mixer section, unvoiced detection, and a freeze button.


Vocoding software is not just about robotizing, vocoder voice changing or voice mangling. It is an amazing form of cross synthesis that works well with live audio input and a variety of source material. There are many paid and free vocoder vst in market. Vocoder plugins and vocoder microphones are best for musicians and music producers who uses ableton , FL Studio, Logic pro-X etc. It helps to create new variations in their songs and enhance the quality of the song.

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