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Festival NameEngifest
College NameDTU, Delhi
WhereBawana Rd, Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur Village, Rohini, Delhi, 110042
FootfallAround 75k
Celebrity VisitsSunidhi Chauhan, Vishal–Shekhar, Mohit Chauhan,[4][5] Nucleya, DJ NYK, Boogie Frantick, Bhuvan Bam, VJ Bani, Aditi Arya, Salman Yusuff Khan, Kumar Vishwas, Karan Kundra, Hard Kaur, etc.
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Delhi Technological University’s Engifest is a mega event, awaited by its students, faculty and viewers. It is all set to rock 2019. But before that let’s take a tour of the colossal history of Engifest.


Engifest is a three-day extravaganza; a true testimony to the indomitable spirit, liveliness, and sheer energy of youth that characterizes college life. It is a festival oozing with fun, vibrancy, and entertainment.  Engifest is the annual cultural festival of Delhi Technological University. The festival usually takes place in the month of February. One of the largest college cultural festivals of our country, the festival is a student-run non-profit organization catering primarily to youth. It aims to bridge the gap between technical education and creativity. It includes a variety of events, such as car stunts, cultural performances, live wire, star night, rock shows, plays, dances, drag shows, among others. In the past, it has been attended by Parikrama, Euphoria, and artists like Hard Kaur, Suraj Jagan, and Shibani Kashyap.


Tracing its legacy back to 1974, Engifest has seen a huge change of scale and magnitude. Recently it witnessed a footfall of over 80,000 as well as participation from 300+ colleges. Over the years, Engifest has engraved itself a niche amongst the most sort after cultural fests of the country. In the process it has established itself as one of the biggest in college festivals in North India.


The idea behind the inception of Engifest was to see the confluence of cultural, philosophical, scientific, and technological brain waves. DTU Vice-Chancellor P. B. Sharma inaugurated Engifest. Engifest is a melting pot for a plethora of events from different art forms/ fields like dance, drama, music, fashion, literature, art and pronites. There are a lot of informal events like a mechanical bull, street soccer, go-karting, and other fun events.


Rock band Phobia stole the show at the HT City Engifest 2010 at the Delhi Technological University, earlier known as Delhi College of Engineering.


It was in the year 2014 when Engifest ran into luck and started stealing the limelight with its diversity of events, along with having big shots come and grace the stage with their presence. The performance by Mohit Chauhan and Hard Kaur set Engifest on its story of grandeur. The event held between 13th-16th February 2014. Engifest 2014, showcased a range of events like Spandan, Paridhan, Anushthaan, and APPREGIO – The Battle of the Bands, added soul to the festival with music. The third day of Engifest was a mix of dance, plays, and ramp walks. The Street Dancing Competition – SWITCH THE FUNK UP has always been an enthralling outdoor event, loved immensely by the audience. The highlight of the fest was the FEMINA MISS INDIA AUDITION that heated the environment at DTU. NATYA marked the perfect end to the festival.


In 2015, the zeal hit an all-time high! The festival was honored to witness performances of the ‘oh-so-popular’ Rapper Raftaar who set the stage ablaze with his Rap along with his swoon-worthy dance moves. India’s favorite Manj Musik, and many more stars graced the festival, making it a grand success. EDM Night replaced Kavi Sammelan. The Shakedown with Karan Kundra’s Bike Rally, a new concept, stole the show. The Star Night was enthralling, it turned out to be much more than expected. Raftaar, Manj Musik, and other stars were pleased with the crowd and even extended their performance.


Engifest 2016, the Platinum Jubilee Fest of DTU, was three days filled of pure bliss, with a great line-up of events. It started as a platform for students to bring their creative talent to the forefront and has evolved into one of India’s largest student-organized festivals. 
Parikrama, Euphoria, Hard Kaur, Suraj Jagan, Shibani Kashyap, Lost Stories, Lagori, and Kumar Vishwas have performed in the past.
The spectacular duo Vishal Shekhar, the king of online comedy Bhuvan Bam, Aditi Arya, the music band Lagori, and the EDM duo Lost stories, performed in the year 2016. Their performances were magical.
Take a look at the Aftermovie in case you missed the fun-filled festival,


Engifest 2017 was about getting all out. The limits were pushed further, where the audience swayed to the power-packed voice of Sunidhi Chauhan. Nucleya’s bass-heavy beats, Lagori, Shtuby Drum-an Israeli band, and Red.  For those who love the world of words, Piyush Mehta was there to set hearts swaying to the rhymes of his soulful poetry. One of the main highlights of the fest was the Pronite, and Engifest always scores big on that quotient. The festivity took place on 20th February 2017, where people were left grooving, headbanging, and dancing like crazies. Amid all these stars, from the far lands of Israel, Engifest witnessed Shtuby – Drum, and Red.
Take a look at the official teaser, in case you missed the fun-filled festival.


Engifest’18 took everyone on a 72 hours ride of absolute delight and craziness, having rekindled Delhi. When the entire college grooved to the tunes of Gal Mithi Mithi by Amit Trivedi, nobody could resist the power-packed Punjabi night by Guri, Abhijit Ganguly was there to take spectators on a laughter ride.

Engifest’18 brought an extravaganza like never before. The event SPECTRANG’18 was much bigger than ever. People witnessed a concert that sent them into a frenzy from 16- 18th February 2018.
Take a look at the Aftermovie in case you missed the fun-filled festival.

Also, register for early bird passes to make a hassle-free entry at the dance music party, Engifest 2019 powered by GrooveNexus. To enter the college premises, you must carry a valid ID card.

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Hoping to see you there!

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