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If you’re an aspiring artist, SoundCloud can be an excellent way to boost your exposure and attract followers. With over 175 million users monthly and growing exponentially, this site has been used by many artists producers and singers, as a highly useful marketing tool of music. The excellent features of SoundCloud are attracting a massive following of listeners. As, more the listeners, more the exposure; therefore, better the visibility on the site with their amazing AI feature. It automatically creates a playlist according to the listener’s music behavior by analyzing their listening history.

But, it is tough to be heard by the majority of the audience, among the sea of diverse artists. Be sure to check out the seven tips which will surely help you to stand out of the box.

1. Use SoundCloud Ads

You can always promote your tracks with SoundCloud to expand your organic reach. SoundCloud Ads, also known as Promoted Tracks, can be purchased by artists. It includes a mixture of radio-style audio ads, mobile advertising, native advertising apps, and websites. Thousands of independent artist have used this method of promoting their tracks on SoundCloud with successful results.

However, ads can get expensive. Yes, pretty expensive!

You have to invest a lot of money on ads to get better results. This option may not be feasible for several non-established and upcoming music artists. So, let’s move on to the next method.

2. Post on Music Forums and SubReddit Sites

To get more and more listeners, you need to make a lot of online buzz about your SoundCloud artist profile. The easiest way to do this is to post and distribute links of your profile and tracks on relevant music forums and sub-Reddit sites. There are numerous music forums and sub-Reddit sites dedicated to music.

Additionally, they have a saturated audience base, according to music genres. Many music lovers utilize these resources to explore new music and music artists. Some laser-focused research to find the most relevant music forums and sub-Reddit sites in your niche can help you. Make a list of these sites and start posting your track links with proper descriptions.

3. Buy SoundCloud Plays

In the over-saturated music industry, it is hard for your music to be heard by industry professionals and record labels. It is critical to identify which user is playing your songs regularly. To boost your visibility, you need to get more plays, the more plays you have on your track, the more visible you will be online. If you are struggling to attract listeners to your songs, it can be advantageous to buy SoundCloud Plays. Buying Plays will increase your track ranking on SoundCloud automatic playlists.

While it is true that this pretty much equates to artificially inflating your play count, but you will start gaining more real followers. SoundCloud Plays offer a variety of services, and the prices vary according to the quality of the service. So, all you have to do is research before making a purchase.

4. Make a Music Video

Releasing songs in an audio format is great, but music videos are even better. It helps to get better engagement of the audience. Consumers’ demand for video content is rising rapidly. Sharing music videos on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc. with a link to your SoundCloud profile will be highly effective as a cross-promotional social media marketing strategy.

Survey shows that video content receives more shares and higher engagement than any other content on the web and streaming apps. Making a music video will also give your fans visuals to remember you and your music, which will directly benefit you in the long run.

5. Use Facebook Ads

Posting songs on Facebook pages can be a great way to lead the audience to your SoundCloud profile. It will help you to attract more listeners. And, just as you can promote your SoundCloud tracks via Twitter, you might also consider promoting your content via Facebook with the Facebook Ads campaign. This will improve the visibility of your Facebook posts and will ultimately lead to more listeners. Facebook ads facilitate proper campaigns by selecting location-based search trends to get better results.

For example, you have to focus on EDM fans. Go to Google Trends website and search “EDM.” The site will show the location-wise search volume of the currently trending keywords aligning to EDM. You have to set the location on your Facebook ad campaign to show your ad in the selected area, resulting in better engagement.

6. Comment on Related SoundCloud Tracks

If you’re an upcoming music artist, strive to find and connect with other music artists within your niche. The easiest way to do so is to comment on other artists’ tracks on SoundCloud. This will help you create new relationships with other artists. You will also enhance your visibility and expand your reach within the SoundCloud community.

However, the key here is to leave high-quality comments on other artist’s tracks. You have to show a genuine interest that is constructive and appreciative.

In other words, “Great Song!” or “Nice Track!” is not going to get you the attention of the artist. Your comments must reflect your knowledge and cultivate a positive reputation on the site and artist’s mind.

Remember, every comment you leave is an essential footprint for a new listener to get to your artist page. 

I hope that helps you!

We will discuss more on independent brand development of music artists on different social sites soon on our upcoming blogs.

Stay tuned and keep groovin’!

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