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All Artists want to make money directly from SoundCloud. However, It’s not that tough. There are a few options available. It is a great way to gain exposure to the better audience, based on niche track…, but it wasn’t until they added the On SoundCloud monetization option that artists could make money from their own creations. I’m going to help you understand that how you can make money on SoundCloud from your tracks streams, and show you a few promotion ideas, tips, and tricks to get you going on earning more and more.

The SoundCloud monetization partner program is quite similar to YouTube’s Partner Program. Artists are paid in their AdSense account when users view or listen to ads while enjoying the music the artists upload. The general idea of this partnership program is that artists are paid for each ad that plays during one of their tracks in the same manner as YouTube’s Partner Program shares revenue to all artists.

The 3 tiers of the On SoundCloud program

As with everything online, a few tiers of service have been created. Each one offers bands different services, has different costs associated with it, but only one will get you paid for your music:

1. Partner: This free account is for beginners. There is no monetization option. What you get is:

  • 3 hours of free uploads of your tracks
  • Basic stats to start growing your following
  • You join their Insider group for free tips
  • There’s no money to be made here directly, but you can work on getting your tracks heard and your name out there.


2. Pro/Pro Unlimited SoundCloud promotion package:

There is only one difference between Pro and Pro Unlimited. The Pro Unlimited option in SoundCloud offers you an unlimited amount of uploads, while Pro offers 6 hours.

The similarities are:

  • The ability to showcase your 5 best tracks by pinning them to the top of your listing
  • Geo-based statistics to see where your fans are
  • Social statistics to see which platforms are being used to embed your tracks
  • The other difference is, you guessed it, the cost. Pro costs £3.99/month or £35/year. Pro Unlimited, with unlimited track upload space, costs £8/month or £75/year.


3. Premier SoundCloud music promotion package :

This has all of the features of Pro Unlimited, plus a little more:

  • An account manager who will help you make your account even better
  • Exclusive music promotion feature for your music and profile
  • The ability to make money on your SoundCloud music through streams
  • Distribute one release to all major music services platform
  • Side by side, simultaneously making money on SoundCloud through streams, your account will get huge exposure of audience on SoundCloud.

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