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Festival NameRenaissance
College NameKirori Mal College, Delhi
WhereUniversity of Delhi, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007
FootfallAround 5k
Celebrity VisitsAkhil, Parmish Verma, KK, Sachin Jigar, etc.
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Renaissance, the annual cultural fest of Kirori Mal College, rubs its shoulders with other DU cultural fests in being one of the most sought-after. Therefore, hold on to your seats, as Renaissance 2019 is all set to launch its flight from 11th – 13th March 2019 with a Bollywood theme.

As the history states, the era of Renaissance was a period of the rebirth of art and culture for the European states, often looked at as a rediscovery of classical art forms. On the same lines, KMC was initially established by American Jesuits as Nirmala College during the partition. Later in 1954, it shifted to its existing location under the trust founded by Seth Kirori Mal. Therefore, begetting its name, Kirori Mal College, is amongst the finest institutions at the University of Delhi, boasting of exceptionally high standards of academics and culturing culture.

Keeping their heads held high in the cultural forum, the Students’ Union is all set with its 37th edition of RENAISSANCE’19. It is a resplendent fulcrum where the best minds of a highly active campus come together to witness the music and fun of most engaging 3-day event of Delhi University. Versatile upcoming artists, prominent musicians, and an eclectic set of bands perform along with a wide range of informal events; making RENAISSANCE one of the most bewitching fests.

All three days become a hotspot for a multi-faceted experience, which no student wants to miss!


Kirori Mal College avowals of some of the best societies in the college circuit. The dramatics society, The Players, has a glorious past. Being one of the first formed, in 1957, by Frank Thakurdas, it has given the Indian theatre and films several stalwarts. The music society, Musoc, has a historic achievement with Parikrama (the band) having been founded around its jam sessions. The debating society is one of the most appreciated in the debating circuit of colleges, so is FAPS, the Fine Arts and Photography Society. Matinee, the fashion show of KMC is one with the best design shows. Apart from these, there is a society complementing every niche of performing arts, from the literary society, to Grubstreet to the dance society, etc. which gives a tough competition on the home grounds.


Our expected guests for the Star Night are the Punjabi singing star Sidhu Moosewala, Bollywood singing sensation Sonu Nigam, the heartthrob of the nation Zaeden, and of course to make you dance till you drop, will be Sunburn.

Picture Source: Renaissance’19 Facebook Page

Many informal events go hand in hand with the mains. On the first day, we have a dance competition, where we invite societies from different colleges to showcase their talent. The participants take part with full zeal and enthusiasm alongside an equally cheerful crowd. The annual fest is also a platform to highlight your talent in the fashion genre as well. So, come, experience the enormous diversity of ideas and styles that constitute the world of fashion at Renaissance’19. We open our hearts to all the innovative fashion designers and the models with the most magnetic personas, to put together the most resplendent outfits and invincible confidence.

On the final day, we have the one of the most interesting events, ‘The Talent Hunt’. Everyone is one of a kind and the ‘Open Mic’ permits everyone to show how are they different from the rest. That’s not all, we have more to offer, come and be a part of the most stupendous event.
Details about more such events to be up soon. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, take a look at the teaser of 2019 here.


1. One of the major controversies, in the history of Renaissance – KMC, has been when Sachin -Jigar cancelled on their Star Night performance due to ‘managerial issues’. But the highly active Student’s Union of 2017 was quick in response and did not let the vibes fade away in ruckus. They brought in Rangreza, Delhi-based experimental Hindi Rock band, who performed hit Bollywood tracks for the crowd and kept them glued to the main stage. They made sure that the crowd has a great end to a phenomenal cultural fest.

2. In the same year, Matinee – the fashion show, came under scrutiny regarding stolen designs issue. The Union and organizers tried to resolve the issue, but the teams involved in the controversy was extremely upset and seen discussing it. Galore, the fashion society of Maitreyi college, accused the fashion society of Kamla Nehru College, GLITZ, for copying their designs. But, all’s well that ends well. The teams showed great sportsman spirit in accepting the final results and respected each other’s space and thus this controversy did not end up being a huge mess. Kudos to the Union for managing the situation so well!

What do we learn? We learn that, always, we may not be able to pull out what we plan, but, what’s important is we give our level best in whatever we have in hand. The student union pulled up such a great show, despite uncalled for hurdles, and that is where great management shows.

Kirori Mal College, therefore, not only enraptures the spectators with its choice of performers but also its multitude of engaging events. It keeps its spectators hooked on, and that is what Renaissance’s spirit is all about.

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