• 08 Apr
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Spotify voice command feature

Spotify’s new voice command feature will take your music listening experience to a whole new level. Saying “Hey Spotify” will launch the app giving you hands-free control over your music. 

Hey Spotify” will become the new wake word for the app followed by which you can say whichever song, album, or artist you want to listen to.  

According to GSMArena, Spotify was working on enabling a wake-word which will be hands-free since a few months. As of now Spotify has rolled out the new feature on android and is soon planning to roll out on iOS as well. 

Apart from the hands-free use, Spotify’s new feature does not have any other new functions. This new feature is as user-friendly as “Hey Siri” on iOS or “Hey Google” on android.  

GSMArena also noted that Spotify’s privacy policy for voice data usage states that it will only hold recordings and transcriptions of the searches that you perform when tapping the voice button or saying the wake phrase. Upon hearing the wake phrase, the built-in voice search will prompt while the screen is on and the Spotify app is open. This will mean that the app will be listening for wake phrase all the time. 

“Introducing the easiest way to keep the beat going” Spotify app says. 

“Enjoy your music anywhere and go hands-free with ‘Hey Spotify,’” a prompt read. 

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