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Psytrance has been a much-discussed subject here at GrooveNexus. We have already rained you with a specially curated top Indian Psytrance artists list. Therefore, now will be the right time to discuss details about the top international Psytrance artists who are making the hippie-vibe live, worldwide.

Here is the list of ten of the top international Psytrance artists at a global level.


Picture Source: Ultrabrazil.com

Israel-based Skazi was initially formed by Asher Swissa and Assaf Bivas. They started by producing soft Psy-Trance Electro Punk music. Later, Bivas left in 1998, and Swissa adopted the stage name of DJ Skazi.

Skazi’s first album, Animal, was released in September 2000. It made him an overnight star. Since “Animal”, Skazi released numerous albums that became instantaneous hits. Albums such as “Storm”, “Zoo 1,2,3″, “Total Anarchy”, “My way” were his major hits.

Skazi has headlined in prime festivals like, Tomorrowland, Fuji Rock and Nagisa (Japan), Experience (Brazil), Sunburn (India), Beat Patrol (Austria), Creamfields (Australia), Def Con (Australia), Moscow Arena (Russia), Planeta Atlantida (Brazil), Ministry of Sound and Resonance (South Africa), and several others.

Owner of the Chemical Crew label, Skazi has worked with artists like Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Talamasca, etc. to create trip-worthy music. Additionally, Skazi starred in several TV shows, including his own late-night show as a host, and campaigns for universal brands such as Lee Cooper and Myth Lab headphones.

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Infected Mushroom

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Infected Mushroom was formed by Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. The Israeli duo formed in Haifa in 1996. They produced and performed electronic Psychedelic music. Employing a combination of a variety of musical sources like acoustic guitars and synthesized basses, their compositions are comprised of changes of the drum beat and tempo. Their live shows have the characteristic feature of vocals and analog instruments set against a visual backdrop.

Both started learning the art of music at a very young age of 11 and 7, respectively. Before taking their official name, their initial releases were under the name of Shidapu and Duvdev. The official name was taken from a local Punk band that had been split.

Their most note-worthy release, till date, remains “Bust A Move“, from their 2000 album Classical Mushroom. They even rocked the ninth rank on DJ Mags’s top 100 DJs list.

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Picture Source: Exposedmagzine.com

The real name of Astrix is Avi Shmailov, an Israeli DJ producing Progressive psychedelic trance music. He started as a DJ in 1995 with Alternative and 1980s music. It was during this time that he learned about electronica. He began his maiden in-house studio recordings using a personal computer back in 1997; around the same time, he discovered Trance.

In 2006, Astrix ranked at #41 in DJ Mag’s “Top 100 DJs” marking Israelis a significant proportion on the chart. In 2007, Astrix reached #18 on the list. His music has characteristic solid and driving basslines with ascending melodies.

Taking his musical influence from Infected Mushroom, Linkin Park and Paul Van Dyk, he says,

“I look up to them for inspiration and for some kind of spiritual fuel as it were. I also have a love for alternative bands like Linkin Park, and as an electronic producer, I like Paul Van Dyk, he inspires me very much to see how well you can mix business with music and how big you can become from something that was so small in the beginning.”

Way Back Machine

Astrix is a common name in festivals like EDC Vegas, Burning man, Summer Stomp Festival, Earthcore (Australia), VuuV Festival (Germany), Tomorrowland (Belgium and Brazil), OZORA (Hungary), Psy-Fi and Dance Valley (Netherlands), Inox (France), etc.

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A Psybient and Downtempo electronica project from England, Shpongle, formed in 1996. The group includes Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram. Both the artists spin separately as well as together. The duo is one of the forebears of the Psybient genre, combining Psychedelic Trance and Ambient. Their musical style characteristically combines traditional music from all over the globe and vocals with modern western synthesizer-based psychedelic music.

Posford does the synthesizers, studio work, and live instrumentation while Raja Ram is responsible for broad musical concepts and flute arrangements. In an interview, Raja Ram stated that “Shpongle” is used as an umbrella term for feeling positive and euphoric.

The two met at Butterfly Studios in South London when Posford was occupied on Purple Om and Raja Ram was occupied with The Infinity Project. They went to the Glastonbury festival together and decided to write music after their experience. That is how Shpongle was born.

A common sight at Ozora Festival (Hungary), they have also spun at smaller festivals like Rothbury Festival (Michigan).

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Ace Ventura

Picture Source: Incomnic.com

41-year old, Ace Ventura is an Israel-based DJ and producer of Progressive Psytrance. His real name is Yoni Oshrat and he comes from a rich musical background. He played a major role in establishing Israel as an important trance-country. He is comparatively new as a solo artist after successfully releasing Children of the Doc and Psysex in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Ace Ventura won the Best Psy-Trance artist award in the first Beatport music awards contest. Having headlined in all major festivals like Boom festival, he is known for his extra-long DJ sets.

Read an exclusive chat with him.

Additionally, he formed projects alongside the likes of Astrix (as Alpha Portal), Rocky (as Easy Riders), Liquid Soul (as Liquid Ace), and Zen Mechanics (as Zentura), to name a few collabs.

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Astral Projection

Picture Source: Beatport

Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter formed Astral Projection in 1994. The Israel-based DJ duo has released most of their music through their own record company, Trust in Trance Records (which later merged with Phonokol). One of the avid practitioners of Goa Trance, Astral Projection’s music sets the mood with the right amount of trippy vibe reflecting the best of his skills as one in the top international Psytrance artists league.

The duo first met at the elementary school at the tender age of nine. At the age of 13, Lior coupled up with Yaniv Haviv under the name of Paradox whereas Avi was DJing with heavy industrial bands around Israel. Lior and Avi created their first duet and named it SFX in 1989. Their first breakthrough was in 1991 with their single Monster Mania released by Music Man (a Belgian company).

By 1994, Lior and Avi started working under their home record label, Trust in Trance, on a more professional and commercial level. They began performing live in events around Europe, along with working on their second album Trust in Trance vol. 2. Until now they were using the pseudonym SFX, but this time (for Vol. 2) Yaniv, Avi, and Lior chose the name Astral Projection. Hence, the Astral Projection was born. Trust in Trance Vol. 2 entered the Israeli best-selling album chart.

Vol. 3 of Trust in Trance became a breakthrough success and Astral Projection was crowned as the ‘masters of psychedelic trance from Israel’.

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Hilight Tribe

Picture source: Medium

Currently based out of Ibiza, Hilight Tribe is a practitioner of acoustic Trance/Techno music influenced by natural trance. Originally belonging to Paris, the band comprises of Sebastian Garcia, Gregory Ruze, Ludovic Pelissier, Richard Peres, Laurent Didier, Mathias Duro

Performing since the 1990s, around the world, they pass a message of peace and unity among cultures. They have over 750 concerts and 8 albums to their credit.

They define themselves as the explorers of a world that is without borders. Their music is best defined as the real bridge between the tribal music and the sound of tomorrow.

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Paranormal Attack

Picture source: Facebook

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal and currently based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, DJ Paranormal Attack is a follower and performer of Psychedelic Trance. Formed around 2001, the band was discovered by the Israeli record label Chemical Crew. The band comprises of Rui Oliveira aka DJ Xangaii on vocals, guitar, and synthesizers, Lucas on drums, and Goncalo Miranda on synths.

The release of “Phenomenon” in 2006, was a standout and big success because of its blending sounds of Rock, Hard-Electro, Pop, and even classical music. Since then, Paranormal Attack played at the best of the clubs and festivals around the world including Tomorrowland Brazil 2016, several Xxxperience editions, Spirit and Playground Festivals, etc.

In 2015 DJ Xangaii also launched his own record label “Fxxk Tomorrow”.

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Vibe Tribe

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Vibe Tribe is the Psychedelic project of Russian-born Israeli music producer Stas Marnyanski and Elmar Ivatarov (who left the project). This project has been active since 2002.

Stas has been producing electronica since the age of 13. From 2003, he began releasing tracks on different compilations with a motto to bring something fresh to the global Psytrance scene. His creative and breathtakingly melodic psytrance style gained him worldwide recognition. His debut album released in 2004, namely, Melodrama, and his second studio album, Wise Cracks, released in 2006. Ever since his massive international leap in 2007, this maestro has been touring around the globe performing in fests like Tomorrowland, Boom Town, Burning Mountain, Earthcore Festival, Insomnia, Playground Festival, etc.

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Sesto Sento

Picture source: Alteza-records.com

This Israeli psytrance and electronica trio was formed by Matan Kadosh, Aviram Saharai, and Itai Spector. Sesto Sento has a “Gold Record Status” for their third studio album “Come Together“, with a 1,000,000 song plays on myspace. Sesto Sento additionally has a successor/side project known as Vini Vici, formed in 2014.

They have toured extensively and played at Rio de Janeiro beach, Playground, Spirit of London, Mexican Ommix, Russian Ultra Music Summer event, Japanese Noga Records Ariake magical nights,
and several mega raves.

Sesto Sento’s music has a characteristic mix between their classic style to their futuristic one. They make the use of live vocals, guitars, and synthesizer. They truly define themselves as the eternal heirs of Psytrance. Sesto Sento’s live shows take its attendees to a new level of mind traveling and dancing experience.

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Guessing, by now, you all have become an ardent follower of psychedelia form of music. Thanks to the likes of these top international Psytrance artists. Hence, this would be the time to read about the top Psytrance festivals happening around the Indian subcontinent.

Want to set the right mood for your trippy party? We have got you sorted with the Psytrance playlist.

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